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ProMar 200, Cashmere and Emerald Paint from Sherwin Williams | Coloring Homes Blog Spot | Best interior wall paint


Hi, welcome to our customer chat feature with Coloring Homes.

This is where we answer the most common questions we get from customers as well as help potential customers understand more about our company and process.

Today we will talk about paint, and specifically interior wall paints.

What paints do we use for interior walls?

So first I must say at the end of the day, we use the paint that the customer wants on the wall, as long as it's not just a really horrible paint that is sure to make our job look bad. However we have our favorites and maybe even suggestions we give to our customers.

Let’s look at our favorite wall paints and why they are our favorites.

We have three favorite interior wall paints ranging from least expensive to most expensive.

Best Interior Wall Paints

First one of our favorites is:

PROMAR 200 for interior.

Cashmere paint from Sherwin Williams | Coloring Homes Blog Spot | Best interior wall paint

This is a zero VOC Interior latex commercial grade paint. [VOC STANDS FOR Volatile organic compound] more on that in a separate video.

This paint is durable for a less expensive paint, and it has a professional quality finish. This paint can also be used on ceilings. The PRO-MAR 200 is one of the paints we like to use every now and again, and we like to use either flat on the ceiling, flat on the walls, eggshell or satin. There is also another paint in the PROMAR paint family called PROMAR CEILING which is a dead flat paint that we mostly use for ceilings. But as for walls our favorites are PROMAR 200 flat, eggshell, or satin.

Next up we have our mid-level paint:


Cashmere Paint from Sherwin Williams | Coloring Homes Blog Spot | Best interior wall paint

This is our go-to favorite interior wall paint and the one we use mostly. We love this paint because it gives an elegant look to your walls. This paint has great coverage which makes for easy application. The cashmere also features a scrubbable surface for easy cleaning and maintenance. With cashmere you can see and feel the difference in the finish. This paint is a bit more expensive, but you can be sure to get two of the most important things from this paint, durability and an elegant finish.

The final paint we will discuss for interior walls is the:


Emerald Paint from Sherwin Williams | Coloring Homes Blog Spot | Best interior wall paint

The emerald is another one of our favorites, it is also an acrylic latex paint. This paint is a bit more expensive than the cashmere and is a premium paint that offers washability. This paint hides dark colors very well. One of the things we love about this paint is the anti-microbial technology which inhibits the growth mold and mildew. The finish is also very high-quality, and, in our opinion, you can’t go wrong with this paint.

There is also another emerald paint which I’m going to be honest we haven’t used that much, but for the times we have used it we found to be a very high-quality paint. This is the EMERALD DESIGNER EDITION paint. It is also a little bit more on the expensive side but as you can imagine, it is top quality. I will discuss that paint in a separate video.

So, there you have it. Our favorite interior wall paints.

We specialize in interior, exterior and cabinet painting and we would love to paint for you. Book your project with us and receive a quote right on site or within 24hours.

You can watch this blog post in video format below on YouTube.

Until next time, have a colorful day!


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