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Coloring Homes, Exterior Home Painting
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Painting Jobs On Demand

Earn more while working less and spending more time with your family. Gone are the days of working 30 years without achieving anything in the painting industry.


Our sub-contractors are amongst the highest paid per project. We want to make painting worthwhile for Painters who take their craft seriously and want to expand their business. 

How it works?


  • Sign up for FREE

  • Go through our three video training series where you learn about what we expect.

View project

  • Once you have completed watching the video training series, you will then be able to start browsing and selecting painting projects on our website.

See things like:

  • General project location

  • Project scope

  • Tools required

  • Schedule

  • Payment amount 

  • etc

Get paid

  • Get paid on a per-project basis.

  • Complete projects on or before the scheduled time and still receive the same amount.

  • Get additional bonuses for early project completions.


  • Focus on what you love doing, painting and running your business
  • Plan personal activities without restrictions and get back to work based on projects available
  • Spend less on Marketing, keep more in your pocket
  • Select projects that make sense for you
  • Spend less time estimating and driving around town

By Painters, for Painters


State-registered LLC or Corporation

General liability Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Fill out an IRS W-9 form

Agree to and complete background check

Have your transportation

Have your tools

Don't have a registered company or business insurance?

Let us connect you with one of our professional CPAs and Business Insurance specialists to get set up.

- Average General Liability Insurance cost - [$45 - $75] per month

- Get a quote for your Workers' Comp Insurance

- Company registration cost depends on your state

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