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Large scale painting projects are always going to be completed the most efficiently by a company who is not only able to provide high-quality craftsmanship, but combine it with robust project management and customer relations.


That's where our experience comes in, our goal is to make sure homeowners and business owners can rest assured that painting their homes and businesses will be a smooth and well executed process. The last thing you want is a painting contractor approaching you in the middle of a project asking for more funding, because they didn't take everything into account.


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I'm from Jamaica, one of the reasons I love painting is because it is the 'last trade', let me tell you what I mean.


You know when you're building or refurbishing a house right? You have the construction guys come in and do their thing, the plumbers, the roofers, the drywall guys, and so on and so forth.


We come in when all of that is completed and we create the final product. I'm not saying those jobs aren't important, but they are more hidden, you don't really think about them as much, the colors are what you see, the painting brings everything to life.


Shout out all the painters!!



(Manager, Client Specialist/Trainer

Most of my career has been in customer service. I myself, do not like to experience bad customer service. As a consumer you would like to know that you are appreciated for patronizing a business. 


My passion is to make sure you have a warm experience throughout the entire process with us. We love to know our customers and clients are pleased with our service and are getting what they paid for. 


As I like to say it does not matter how many paint brushes we own, we still cannot paint your home without a relationship. So, with that said, we look forward to building a fun and rewarding working relationship with you. 


I can't wait to talk with you!