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Getting The Most Value For Your Money: Choosing The Right Painting Company

When it comes to painting your home or business, choosing the right painting company is essential to getting the most value for your money. Ensuring a successful and satisfactory painting project involves considering various factors.

If you want to get the most value for your money, it can sometimes require a little bit of old fashion looking around. Sometimes the first contractor is the right one, there is a good connection between you, the home or business owner from the get-go, and you feel as though they understand your needs, that's fine. As long as you are confident.

Other times, you have to look around just a bit longer. When choosing a painting company consider the following factors:

Reputation: Look for a company with a good reputation. One of the best places to get a quick sense of how a company operates is via their google business profile listing. Check out some of their reviews, you will get to find out what other customers are saying about the company.

Don't take reviews as "gospel" though, some companies may delete their bad reviews and you may not get a balance reflection of how the company operates or even how they may deal with a potentially negative event. Others may get reviews from people they've paid etc., so use your discretion, you will know what is real from what is fake.

Experience: Choose a company with experience in the type of project you need done. Whether you need interior home painting, exterior home painting, commercial painting, or even cabinet painting, these considerations apply across the board. Some companies may specialize in different areas of painting and therefore may not be the best at another area. Find out if they have experience in the specific areas, you need work performed.

Licensing and insurance: Licensing for painters is not required in Michigan since 2018, but make sure the company is at least carrying the proper insurance necessary to operate inside your home to protect yourself and them from potential liability. This is especially important for commercial painting projects.

Detailed Estimate: Transparency is essential in the painting industry. Get a detailed, written or typed estimate from at least three companies to compare the cost and scope of work included in their prices. The last thing you need is for a contractor to approach you in the middle of a project to get more funding, just because they didn't take everything into account. A more experienced contractor is less likely to do that.

So don't think that a higher price is a bad thing. Sometimes that can mean they have the experience to take everything into account and therefore, they are giving you the correct price.

You can also find out if they offer things like monthly payment options which can help you to get your painting done while you pay overtime.

Quality of materials: Ensure the company uses high-quality paint and materials. Sometimes a company that uses higher quality materials will provide a slightly higher price quote, you can always ask about what paints and materials they will be using.

Higher quality materials mean a longer lasting paint job. While cheaper doesn't always mean worst, make sure they at least have the proper techniques, especially when doing cabinet painting. You could end up paying for the same project twice in a short space of time. Don't pay twice for painting, get is done right the first time.

Communication: A company that is easy to communicate with and who is responsive to your needs is important. Things happen on job sites all the time, it's just the nature of work, weather interruptions, color changes, and even timeframe changes.

Whether it's on the contractor's or homeowner's part, these things are usually resolved with greater clarity and sense of satisfaction when the company representatives are easy to communicate with.

Pay attention to their communication from the start, it usually is an indication of how they handle business. If they are professional and courteous, you should get along just fine and have your project completed to your pleasure.

Flexible Scheduling: Find out how flexible the company is in their scheduling and make sure that they complete the project within your desired timeline. Find out if they have other projects going on that may have them leaving yours half-finished to go and attend to.

If they have other projects going on make sure they have other teams that are dedicated to that project specifically.

Warranty: Look for a company that offers a warranty on their work. Not all companies do this, but you can ask about it. NOTE: If a company doesn't offer a warranty, it doesn't mean they don't do good work. In fact, it can be argued that the reason they may not offer a warrantee is because of the great work they do, due to the level of surface preparation and quality products they use.

These are all factors that play into call backs from home or business owners that may or may not prompt a company to offer warrantees. In closing, make sure to get at least three quotes so you can compare prices. Painters can be far off each other with pricing but use your discretion you will get a good sense by talking to the representative.

Also, for all your painting needs you can schedule a FREE estimate and get a detailed price quote for your large- or small-scale painting project.



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