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Interior Painting Instructions

Exterior Painting Instructions


Photos: Use your phone to take clear pictures of each room that needs painting.

  • Take 2 pictures of each room

  • Take the picture by standing in one corner, make sure you include as much of the room as possible.

  • Stand in the opposite corner and take the rest of the room.

  • Make sure to hold the camera horizontally.

Make sure all walls are visible. Take separate photos of any problem areas that needs addressing.


Video: Do a 360 view recording of each room that needs painting. Record any problem areas that needs addressing.


Make sure all areas are visible, walls, ceilings, trims, baseboards, shelves, crown molding or wainscoting etc.


Make sure you use your voice to explain in the video. MAKE SURE THE VIDEO IS CLEAR



Start the video by stating your full name so we can match the video with the data you've submitted easily.



Submit only one video with the whole project or one video for each room.



Upload the completed video using email. If the video is too large you can use the video link or Google Drive.




If you have any issues with uploading please contact us so we can walk you through the steps.

Call 248-247-7702 


Use your cell phone to take 1 clear picture of each side of the home.



Take separate closer pictures of any problem areas that needs to be addressed such as [peeling paint, wood replacements etc]


Please submit photos as text message to 248-247-7702.

Or email at

Interior Estimate Instructions
Exterior Estimate Instructions
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