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Cabinet Painting

Detroit, MI, USA

New Purchase

Transform your dated cabinets into a main feature in your kitchen?

Our cabinet painting process is hassle free, convenient and cost effective. You can have a cabinet make over for a fraction of the cost of replacing them and without going through all that inconvenience.


A cabinet project completion time depends on a few factors.

- Size of cabinet

- Whether the customer wants to include the insides of the cabinet, inside of the drawers, or just doors, drawer facings and cabinet facing etc... NOTE: including insides equals less prep time (customers typically exclude insides)

Location - The cabinet painting process is conducted in two locations. The cabinet facings and or insides painting takes place at the customers' home. The doors and drawers are transported to our workshop to be sanded, primed and painted.

The home address portion will be conducted first. During the home address phase, the kitchen area will be prepped and access to kitchen use will be limited.

Dining - Also for the home address period, we will make arrangements with the customer about dining.

When this phase is completed, the kitchen will be cleaned up.

Workshop phase - The workshop phase will last another 1 - 5 days after the home phase depending on the number of doors and drawers.

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