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Coloring Homes _ Painters In Southfield MI


Join our partner program | COLORING HOMES

Look at the image above carefully.

The image above is a screenshot of the keyword planner window in my Google Ads dashboard. the keyword/phrase I entered was "painters near me".

As you can see, Hundreds of people are searching for local painters like us every month. Why not refer them and receive rewards? Make use of your time on social media when you become a Coloring Homes partner and share our company with your followers.

You don't have to quit your day job, it takes less than a minute to make a post. You can post as often as you like with unlimited referrals. No cap on earnings.

How It Works

When you sign up as a partner/affiliate, you receive a unique affiliate ID. When a customer books a project with us using your affiliate ID successfully, it will be noted in our system automatically. A check will be done to see if the referral qualifies for the reward.

How does the referral qualify?

There are only 2 simple requirements for the referral to qualify for the reward.

1. The customer has to use your affiliate ID

2. The cost of the project must be $500 or more.

Note: Most of our projects are over $500.


Once the referral is qualified, you will receive a $100 gift card. The customer you referred also receives a 10% discount on their painting quote.

Sign-up is FREE and you can also tell your friends and family to sign-up as well. Everyone is welcomed to sign-up. Approval takes up to 24hours. All you have to do is send the customer your unique link which will be generated once you sign up successfully with the partner program. Once they book through your link, they will receive their automatic 10% OFF and you will receive your $100 gift card.

How to Get Customers to Use Your Link

There are several ways to get customers to use your link. Here are some below.

1. Share your link with friends or family through text messages or Whatsapp.

2. Post your link on your social media. We provide a variety of digital assets that fit well with all social media platforms. YouTube reels, Facebook and Instagram post images, TikTok videos and more.

3. You can even run ads right from your phone and send people to your link, its up to you. Remember the more your refer successfully the more you earn.

We make it easy for you so you don't have to come up with any content to share. Everything is done for you. You can access everything within your member dashboard when you sign up.

What are you waiting for? Start referring.



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